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United, we can save the cow

As I said in an earlier column, I am against the killing of cows as, indeed, of all animals and birds. I equally oppose cow vigilantism because of the accompanying attacks on, and killing of, those suspected of carrying beef or cattle for slaughter, and the fact that people’s eating habits, evolving over thousands of years, cannot be changed overnight. Besides, the vigilantes have done nothing about the inhuman treatment of most cows by people owning them. Cows are often ill-fed. Calves are starved because the bulk of the milk is sold or consumed by owners. Male calves are abandoned the moment their gender is detected and left to fend for themselves in a hostile world. Most of them die slowly and miserably.

Most cows are abandoned after they stop giving milk. It is easy to imagine their plight on being suddenly deprived of the food and shelter they had enjoyed till then, and left exposed to the elements and forced to fend for themselves. In urban areas, they are driven away from parks by gardeners and security guards who fear that they will eat up the grass and plants. Since there is little grass elsewhere, hunger drives them to eating plastic bags lying all over in abundance. The result is poisoning and painful, slow death. In rural areas, they are pushed out of villages and the outlying agricultural fields for the fear that they will eat up crops. In areas close to jungles, they become food for tigers and leopards.

One often hears that is difficult for dairy farmers to feed cows after they have stopped yielding milk. Fodder is expensive. They occupy space in cow sheds, which could have been provided to cows giving milk. But then even many, who can afford to maintain such cows, do not do so. They think nothing of the fact that if they have earned money by selling milk, they have a moral responsibility to look after the cow even after it has gone dry.

This responsibility is all the greater in case of those who worship the cow as holy and call her mother. As for bulls, Nandi is the deity guarding the gate to Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva, and is also his mount. It is the symbol of his power that gives life force to humanity. At the gate of the Brihadeeswara temple (part of a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation world heritage site comprising all Chola temples) at Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, stands a massive statue of Nandi carved out of a single rock. Every two weeks, about 50,000 people assemble to see it ceremonially bathed.

Unfortunately, most Hindus are grossly remiss when it comes to practising their faith, which is the fundamental cause of the mal-treatment of cows and bulls. It will not be easy to change this. Meanwhile, the first priority must be providing shelter and succour to abandoned cows and bulls. Here, the Union and State Governments can do a lot by improving cow shelters and pinjrapols, many of which are known for their corruption and inefficiency. Besides, new shelters need to be established. Most of the existing ones are grossly over-crowded.

Stopping people from mal-treating and abandoning cows and bulls will be more difficult. Making examples of some culprits will help in getting the message across that such conduct will not be tolerated. Punishment by the Government, however, will by itself not be enough. A strong public opinion, translating itself into action, is needed. For that, there has to be a campaign and the formation of groups under a Government-run umbrella organisation to intervene in cases where necessary.

These groups, however, must not take the law into their own hands. Their task will be persuading people to treat cows and bulls with care and kindness. In cases of abandonment and persisting abuse, they should report the matter to the umbrella organisation which should have units in every city, district town and sub-division, where its telephone number and address should be widely publicised, so that people know where to report. Response must be swift.

To coordinate the huge amount of work on multiple fronts that all this will entail, the Union Government should set up a separate Ministry of cattle welfare without delay. It has no reason to feel defensive about the matter.

United, we can save the cow –┬áTo help the cow, the Union Ministry needs to coordinate action on multiple fronts. It should set up a separate ministry for cattle welfare without delay.

Benefits of Selling your Used Laptops in Online

In this modern world, the computer is one of the best instruments which are used by business executives and school students alike. Are you planning to sell your used computers quickly? Then, you go to right place to sell your laptop. Before selling your used computers for sale, you have to consider many things. You have to simply select the product from listed models and include computer condition, specifications, accessories, age, and computer condition.

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One of the most important thing that you should do before selling your old computers are to remove all personal information or detail from your hard drive or hard disk. In case, if you are putting them in trash older, then it is important to remove all personal information from your computer memory. These all are very important while selling your used laptops to buyers. If you like to purchase new computer and if you money for it, then you sell your old computers in online. Selling your used laptop in online can help you to get much money. These all the things you should consider before selling your used laptop.

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Chaos of countless cars and air pollution

Anyone living in a major metropolitan area anywhere in the world sees the growing chaos with increase in the population of cars. Ever since Henry Ford came up with large-scale production of automobiles, every aspiring individual right from childhood yearns to possess and drive an automobile. Governments in general have been slow to anticipate the growth in demand for mobility, and come up with solutions that would slow down the growth in demand for automobiles, at least in towns and cities. The fact that over 50 per cent of the population of the world is urbanised, and this percentage is growing perceptibly, requires that transport solutions be implemented with an eye on the future.

Recent estimates of the global growth of vehicles are frightening, and atnybody who lives in Beijing, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New Delhi or other large cities needs to feel concerned. Based on current trends, it is anticipated that around 2035, the total population of cars worldwide would hit the two billion mark. China and India are seen as the two countries with the largest growth.

The current population of vehicles is around 1.25 billion, and new vehicle sales annually are inching upto the 100 million mark. By 2035, it is expected that almost 130 million vehicles will be sold worldwide. There are projections of how many of these will be battery electric, plug-in hybrid or fuel cell vehicles, but the bulk of vehicles will still be run by gasoline or diesel fuel. Such an increase certainly has implications for climate change, air quality, and inter-city travel, but most importantly for intra-city travel.

The reality is that even in the developing countries the power of advertising ensures that everyone who has the means must acquire a vehicle. China still has lower ownership levels than most Western countries. If ownership in China were to reach the same rate as the US, the country would have a billion vehicles today. In the US perhaps saturation has been reached with about 250 million vehicles for a population of approximately 300 million.

The Mahatama said, “A technological society has two choices. First, it can wait until catastrophic failures expose systemic deficiencies, distortions, and self-deceptions.. Second, a culture can provide social checks and balances to correct for systemic distortions prior to catastrophic failures.” The sporadic efforts being made in various cities would hardly avoid the catastrophe inherent in the growth of the world’s vehicle fleet. There are some cities where the trend is in the right direction. For instance, in Tokyo and most Japanese cities, vehicle ownership relative to the population has declined, and so has the mileage recorded per vehicle – essentially the result of extremely reliable and accessible public transport. The city of Zurich in Switzerland is another example of excellent public transport which compared with car ownership is the favoured option to meet the demand for mobility. A country like India needs to move away from the banal temptation of one automobile per person. It is far better to provide for public transport to meet the needs of all. It is also important to come up with a vision of non-polluting vehicles, such as those run on electricity or those fitted with fuel cells. If we do not come up with such a long-term transport policy, and implement it faithfully, we would never be able to escape the grip of the automobile industry.

In the US, in particular, the automobile, oil and highway lobbies have been notoriously successful in blocking the growth of the railways and their modernisation. This writer first visited China in 1981 when the rail system in that country was nowhere near that of India either in spread or efficiency. Today, China boasts of high speed trains connecting most of the cities running well above 300 km per hour. In the case of Japan, one only needs to experience travel on the bullet train or Shinkansen, where literally a cup of tea full to the brim will not spill while the train is moving. If the US had high speed trains, the airlines operating between New York and Washington, DC, would be out of business, because passengers would prefer travel by train from city centre to city centre taking less than two hours.

One serious impact of the current obsession with vehicular transportation is the terrible air quality in cities like Beijing, New Delhi, Mexico City and Los Angeles. Air pollution is extremely harmful for human health. In the case of the US, if it were not for the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards and effective regulations and traffic management, air quality would have been far worse than what we have.

Various initiatives would improve air quality and congestion, and reduce road rage resulting from today’s pattern of vehicular transport in cities. The experience with bicycle lanes in many cities has been uniquely successful but this requires appropriate infrastructure, dedicated lanes and secure bicycle stands. The French Government, for instance, has taken a decision to support purchase of electric bicycles up to a total of 200 Euros in an effort to move towards clean transportation options. Precise specifications have been laid down to qualify for such an incentive.

Norway has been particularly aggressive in promoting the use of electric vehicles (EVs), as a result of which it probably has a larger percentage of EVs than any other country in the world. Like most cities and towns in Scandinavian countries, where there are dedicated bus lanes, EVs are permitted access to these lanes along with privileged parking and toll free movement. There are also adequate recharging stations which have been provided.

While many of these changes require the articulation of forward looking transportation policies at the national level, the only effective solution would be to create appropriate expertise and capacity in local Governments of towns and cities. This is clearly not the case of ‘one size fits all’, and we would need to make sure that each town or city develops and implements transportation plans unique to its own circumstances and demand for mobility. It is obvious that for sustainable urban mobility a forward looking approach is absolutely essential to ensure that we do not get trapped into a pattern which would require difficult, if not impossible, changes at a later stage.

A developing country cannot establish infrastructure and facilities which would be replaced or rendered useless in the future. A prudent approach would be to ensure that we make choices towards the most desirable and sustainable solutions in the future. The alternative to a visionary approach would be compounded chaos, loss of human welfare and growing misery for urban citizens. Nothing corrodes the quality of life more than chaotic urban transport.

Chaos of countless cars and air pollution – Nothing corrodes the quality of life more than chaotic urban transport. A developing country like India must come up with a long-term, efficient transport policy.

India-China spat More serious than realized

The immediate task is to defuse the stand-off at Doklam. It may require External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj meeting her Chinese counterpart Wang Yi to untie the knot

More than a month after the standoff at Doklam, the reading of tea leaves by India and China is different. The latest statements by Xinhua last Saturday said quite a bit: In sum, there is no room for talks till Indian troops who illegally trespassed, withdraw first; there can be no compromise on territorial and sovereignty issues; Doklam is not like previous issues as trespass into Chinese territory across a mutually recognised border line is different from frictions that happened in undefined sections of the boundary; India has lied that it sent troops to help Bhutan but there was no invitation from Bhutan; India will face embarrassment as the situation could get worse.

A live fire exercise involving 5,000 troops was held in Tibet opposite Arunachal Pradesh recently. This could be the escalating psywar and mindgames being played, but it also has a message that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is ready for any contingency. Meanwhile, China has briefed foreign diplomats in Beijing on Doklam, saying its troops are waiting patiently but not indefinitely. Conspicuously Beijing has ignored contents of Bhutan’s demarche and India’s Press release.

India, on the other hand, has issued a solitary Press release and contended that the situation has not worsened since Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Chinese President Xi Jinping at Hamburg on the sidelines of Brics/G20. It is not at all clear if Modi specifically raised the issue of Doklam in their brief meeting as China insists no bilateral talks were held. Indian leaders – Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj and Minister for Defence Arun Jaitley – and Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar have briefed the Opposition and stated that informal talks with China were continuing and all channels were being used for working out a diplomatic solution. They emphasised that India would be “patient and peaceful”. How they are concluding that “signs are of things cooling down”, is not clear. Is all this wishful thinking as Beijing shows no sign of compromise, having tied itself with the pre-condition of Indian troop withdrawal first. It has left no

wriggle room.

India is on the defensive, wanting to steer clear of a two-front situation for which it is conspicuously unprepared. In an unusual move, a five-member delegation of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on defence will ask the Government to ensure that modernisation funds are fully utilised and not returned, and the under-allocation of funds for the glaring gaps in infrastructure development on the China front are made good.

Apparently diplomatic channels are not working. Equally, the surfeit of agreements – Peace and Tranquillity (1993); Confidence Building Measures (1996); Political Parameters Framework Border Accord (2005); Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination (2012) and Border Defence Cooperation Agreement (2013) are rendered inoperational due to the ‘pre-condition’. Chinese are indeed dead serious about conditionalities once these are articulated.

Recall the furore caused in Beijing in 1998, after India attributed its nuclear tests to threat from China. A furious China all but severed diplomatic ties demanding that India withdraw its China threat before normalisation of ties. After several months of cold peace, then External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh visited Beijing in the middle of the Kargil war- so urgent was the need to defuse tensions. The first thing Singh was required to do publicly in Beijing was to acknowledge with all the grace at his command that China was not a threat to India. That done, the Hindi-Cheeni Bhai Bhai toast was downed with Moutai. The Chinese have a saying that, those who tie the knot have to be the first to untie it. Singh had to perform that unpleasant and untrue task on behalf of the BJP-led NDA Government. But this time, it is not clear who tied the knot first.

Who will untie the knot this time, when it comes to that? Endowed with exceptional policing skills, National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval, who took over from the Mandarin-speaking China specialist Shiv Shankar Menon, has made little progress in the stalled Special Representatives (SR) talks. Originally it was expected that the Government would appoint a diplomat as the SR. Doval is required to go to Beijing for the Brics security experts multilateral discourse on July 27-28. Tongue in cheek, the director of a prominent South Asia Chinese think tank in Beijing wondered if he would get a visa, adding jokingly, “I don’t know.” He felt that maybe only the harsh winter may force the troops to pull back, but that will not end the conflict.

The SR process has hit a cul de sac with the unravelling of the 2005 political parameters of the border framework accord. Menon has suggested a new strategic dialogue to work out on how to resolve the problems that have occurred on the defined and undefined parts of the border. A new SR with diplomatic talent is needed to fend off the wily

Chinese transgressions.

While the stand-off remains peaceful, it has opened a can of worms. The Chinese are equating Indian intervention in disputed Bhutanese territory with licence to support iron friend Pakistan in disputed Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. They have lopped off nearly 1,000 km of the Ladakh border, saying it is a disputed area between China Pakistan and India. This is not new.

Doklam must not be allowed to escalate with armed troops confronting each other, separated by 200 metres. The long drawn out Sumdorong Chu incident was different, with troops substantially separated by distance.

Doklam should act as a wakeup call to substantially upgrade defence preparedness, especially against China, given the Government’s ineptness in having created a two-front collusive situation. Governments have been investing inadequately in defence in the mistaken belief that there will be no war. India is being short-changed by China on a border resolution because of the many chinks in the armour. Because of the comparative military handicaps, India is unable to play like China does – a coercive hand, like the Tibet card and the One-China policy being matched with the One India policy; strengthen countries having inimical relations with China like Mongolia, Taiwan and Vietnam; track and buzz PLA Navy in the Indian Ocean, especially at choke point Malacca. These options must be made usable to deter Chinese coercion.

The immediate task is to defuse the stand-off at Doklam. India must come out of the closet on Bhutan. It may require Sushma Swaraj meeting her counterpart Wang Yi to untie the knot, pressing for simultaneous withdrawal of troops. The situation is more serious and complicated than first imagined or realised by our leadership.

India-China spat More serious than realized – Ashok K Mehta is a retired Lt General of the Indian Army. He writes extensively on defence matters and anchors Defence Watch on Doordarshan.

Emergency cannot and must not be forgotten

I have not seen Madhur Bhandarkar’s Indu Sarkar. I am, therefore, unable to comment on its merits. I, however, strongly condemn the demonstrations by the Congress against its public showing. These are brazen attempts to throttle the freedom of speech and expression guaranteed by the Constitution. Besides, the film’s theme, woven round events during the Emergency (1975-77), has a perennial relevance. The Emergency, the darkest chapter in India’s post-independence history, should be revisited repeatedly, so that people never forget its horrors and are steeled in their resolve to prevent the imposition of something similar.

The Congress’s attack on the freedom of speech and expression is hardly surprising. The party has – and had – very little of it internally. Few people, except the fringe group of leaders known as Young Turks and a several others, dared to speak their minds during the heyday of Indira Gandhi’s ascendancy. As for the present, three different choruses are being sung – in praise of the party’s policies and actions, of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi’s leadership qualities, and, of late, Priyanka Gandhi’s many outstanding qualities.

I have nothing against any of the above Gandhis. My opposition is to the unquestioning adulation of any leader and the culture of servility and sycophancy prevailing in the Congress, which is totally against the culture of democratic politics. Worse, the flip side of such adulation is criticism of – and assault on -even people outside the party who take a dim view of the family and its members. The onslaught on Madhur Bhandarkar and his film underlines this.

Further, as has been said, people need to remember the Emergency, which involved large-scale arrests of Opposition leaders and activists, censorship of the Press, a harsh and oppressive mass sterilization programme, forcible demolition of slums in the name of urban renewal, and the pitchforking of Sanjay Gandhi into a position of an extra-constitutional authority who called virtually all the shots in the Congress and the Union Government.

Parliament dutifully endorsed what the Government said. and did. Most Opposition members were in jail. Critical speeches, such those by PG Mavlankar, son of GV Mavlankar, the first Speaker of the Lok Sabha, were not reported in censored newspapers. The same happened in respect of the rampant outrages perpetrated during the Emergency. News spread by word of mouth.

Apart from its horrors, the Emergency should be remembered for what it did to the institutions of governance and the civil society. The only institution that showed some spine was the judiciary. Some of the High Courts delivered remarkably courageous verdicts. Every one of them that dealt with the issue, decreed that even during Emergency, a citizen could approach the High Courts under Article 226 of the Constitution for appropriate remedy through writ petitions. Yet, on April 28, 1976, a five-judge Bench of the Supreme Court, headed by Chief Justice AN Ray, came out with an infamous verdict which stated:

“In view of the Presidential Order dated June 27, 1975, no person has any locus to move any writ petition under Article 226 before a High Court for habeas corpus or any other writ or order or direction to challenge the legality of an order of detention on the ground that the order is not under or in compliance with the Act or is illegal or is vitiated by mala fides factual or legal or is based on extraneous considerations.” The one judge who gave a dissenting judgement, and thereby ensured a permanent place for himself in the Indian judiciary’s hall of fame, was Justice HR Khanna.

The assault on the Press began with a three-day power-cut to newspaper establishments in the capital. This was to provide time for the institutional structure for enforcing censorship, which had been proclaimed throughout the country, to be set up. Censorship fettered the Press. A number of journalists, who had been critical of the Government, were imprisoned.

Apart from the horrors associated with it and what it did to institutions, the Emergency needs to be remembered for what it revealed about the Congress as well as the country at large. As for the Congress, there was not a squeak of protest when the Emergency was imposed on the night of June 25, 1975. Some critical pronouncements about the Emergency were doubtless heard later from leaders like AK Anthony and his associates in Kerala; leaders like Siddhartha Sankar Ray, then Chief Minister of West Bengal, did not prostrate themselves before Sanjay Gandhi. There, however, was not even a ripple of revolt even though the overwhelming majority opposed the Emergency, Sanjay Gandhi’s forcible sterilisation campaign and dominant role in the party, the Union Government and some State Governments as well.

India at large was surprised by the imposition of Emergency, which was done under the cover of night, and found itself robbed of its democracy on the morning of June 26. The arrest of most Opposition leaders on the night of June 25 had undermined resistance, as did censorship, which prevented reporting of demonstrations. People are encouraged to demonstrate when they know that they are not alone and others are also resisting. Yet, there were protests. For example, George Fernandes, who went underground on the night of June 25 itself, was active in organising resistance when he was arrested from Kolkata in June, 1976, and charged with several others in what has come to be known as the Baroda dynamite case.

All this, however, did not threaten the Emergency regime with immediate collapse; to all appearances, it might have continued for quite some time more if Indira Gandhi had not called for an election in March 1977, which led to her defeat and reflected the mass disenchantment with the Emergency dispensation that was growing. Clearly, given the enormous powers of the modern state, it is very difficult to throw a dictatorial regime out. Hence, the importance of ensuring that an Emergency can be imposed only to cope with situations that warrant the move and not to further the dictatorial ambitions of a leadership.

For that, political parties must have internal democracy and leaders who can oppose the imposition of dictatorships. Equally, institutions of democratic governance, which did not deliver during the Emergency, have to be strong enough to resist and people must resort to collective protest. For all this, it is essential for the love for liberty to burn fiercely in every heart. To quote Justice Learned Hand’s famous observation, “Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there no Constitution, no law, no court can save it; no Constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it.” For this to happen, people must know what the absence of liberty means. Hence, they must never forget the Emergency.

Emergency cannot and must not be forgotten – Hiranmay Karlekar is Consultant Editor of The Daily Pioneer and former Editor of Hindustan Times. He has authored four books in English and two novels in Bengali.

Importance of Hiring Professional Mobile Phone Repair Technician

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Key Benefits of Recycling Your Computer

Nowadays, a computer comes with smaller, slim as well as which comes along with advanced and highlighting features when compared to older counterparts have to lead to an improved requirement for computer recycling and disposal. Since not most us familiar how to recycle their computers as well as mainly states have passed strict mandates on computer & monitor disposal. It is highly significant for everybody to usual high the importance of computer recycling process. It is pretty more impossible not to be aware of the several advantages from recycling. In fact, it saves several numbers of planet’ resources aids the decrease amount of unwanted found in the landfills and also motivates individuals to discover other approaches to make use the used items across their homes & working area. Majority of us are unknown along with recycling standards of plastics, metal and much more.

Hard drive wipe

In fact, a paper has been the largest running recycling products as well as continues to be as a better business makes use of paper drives to increase money. Since one kind of recycling is you may not listen much more regarding is none other than a recycling of computer and some other electronic tools. An enormous amount of individual purchase and also restore computer at working space and house and landfills is becoming crowded through dozens of machines parts, equipment as well as toxins where they harbour within. If you are shocking if all of the fuss is value it, grab a look at few of the advantage of computer recycling. The wipe hard drive will erase entire thing on your hard drive such as information stored on it. Thus, deleting the whole thing does not wipe a hard disk & formatting does not wipe hard disk.

Recycling Your Computer

Rather than beginning along with merits of recycling computers for the surrounding, now let us start along with what it can perform for you. Besides, most of the states & communities around US local administration have made a decision to provide tax incentives & breaks mainly for the computer recycling purpose. It is an irregular period whiles you were broken or else non-working can do you a small expense of cash to put towards replacements. Moreover, recycling your personal computer can also have some of the positive repercussion in some other region. In fact, you may obtain the tax slice for mainly denoting as well as recycling your existing device.

Why recycling computer

However, permit not forgets where one of the largest purposes several numbers of individual creates a decision to go along with the desktop recycling plan is for the advantages to the globe. Just throw old, used computers away the restricted landfills would conclude up in a rush. Through making the option to dispose of personal computer rightly, landfill space is preserved, and also some resource has to be mainly used. Along with new computer models coming out most on a yearly basis most of the individuals discover themselves having an existing computer sitting idle in their residence or else office. The great choice you have, as you cannot send your old computer out along with your regular garbage is to recycle it.

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How to Choose the Best Law Coaching Institute

Law is the most challenging field of modern era because it needs an interactive and comprehensive approach to learning. When you learn the basic legal terms, you can able to receive the greatest exposure in almost all the law entrance examination. The clat 2018 (Common Law Admission Test) is the most famous national level Law entrance exam. Through this examination, you can seek admission for various PG and UG degree courses at the 17 National Law Universities. Eighteen National Law Universities in India conduct CLAT examination on a rotational basis. In 2015, CLAT examination committee announced that they would be carried out the test only through online.

Choose the best coaching center in Delhi:

If you are looking for the best clat coaching in delhi, then choose the one who provides a better environment to prepare well and score good marks in the entrance exam. You should go for the leading law-coaching institute in Delhi that gives you important notes of particular topic and classes there. When compared with others, your choice should be interactive and more useful for you to get well prepared for the entrance test. Apart from this, they should give test series for your convenience and provide access to their website to take online test to evaluate yourself. Important things to know when choosing a law coaching class:

  • Are they offering interactive study materials?
  • Following current syllabus and exam patterns
  • Providing high quality and interactive guidance
  • Giving a personalized attention
  • Making arrangements for doubt classes
  • Having experienced and dedicated faculty team

Things to consider while choosing a law-coaching center:

Are you one want to pursue a degree in the best law school? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely look for the best law coaching institute to train for the exam. You must attend the entrance examination to seek admission in any law colleges in India. With so many people giving for the best law coaching and claiming to be the best in the market, how does decide the best among them? What things should you look for the best coaching institute? Here is the answer to all your questions. Many factors come into account when you look for the perfect coaching class. Check out below factors that make you take a right decision.

Reputation of the Institute:

When it comes to choosing a law coaching institute, you should do thorough online research of the coaching center. People often say that coaching center with big brand names is just money making machines. However, a well-established institute will always focus on getting the expert faculty, exam resources, and study materials for their students. Even they pay more attention to the minute details. Due to increasing number of candidates, they have to put lots of effort to give the best faculties to get the best results.

Expert faculty members:

In the institution, faculty plays the most important role in your learning process so try to learn more about the teachers that the coaching center is offering. Always choose an institute, which has reputable teaching staff. Another important aspect is teacher and student ratio.

Competitive environment:

Find the institute that has encouraging and positive attitude towards all its students. You should be motivated to ask questions and clear your doubts. Moreover, provide individual attention for all the students.

The author of this article is a lawyer and has cleared the CLAT entrance test to get admissions in the National institute of the country. She now teaches in the institute of Clat coaching in Delhi and has been the mentor for many students during Clat 2018 .

Important Aspects to Hire Index Company to Get Funds

Most of people are investing huge amount on business with low tax rate. Index funds offer more facilities to business to earn more profits and create a portfolio with securities. Index Company provides guarantee to business that needs funds to increase growth of the existing business. These funds are actively considered to reduce risk on tax. It is convenient for small business to earn more profit by investing lower amount. This fund helps to earn amount same return on the market. This kind of companies offers more choice to invest in securities for stock or brand. It will increase business without businesses that make them borrow fewer amounts from others.

Why to invest in Index funds?

Index maintenance is important one to get more instructions about stock investment. This gives higher quality than other investments. The index is making to offer equal balance sheet of the share. The service helps to hit success on their business and calculate total shareholder amount quickly.

Reduce tax:

For investing in the business, you must know how to invest amount at less tax. If you invest with help of index consultants, you gain more returns than managed funds. When using index funds, they replace whole portfolio once in a year to get 100% turnover of your business. It is helpful for person who gets more trade frequently on their business. Recently, after and before tax return will be managed by the US. So, you have to select perfect company to calculate financial of business in quarterly.

Proven winners:

For choosing funds business owner to have to spend more time to beat actively managed funds. In some case, managed funds are lead to fail. This is complex to beat index fund by any other. It offers longer time to earn profits without any risks on your firm.

Get effective price:

Investing in index funds is harder in today market. If you choose Index service, they help you to process index funds and guide to get funds for your company. Absolutely and instantaneously US market offers more options to select right funds for any business.

Investment decisions:

Now, there are several mutual funds offered to take investment decision to be better. Many people are investing with complicated situation, so they prefer some company to invest in perfect manner. You’re investing beats active fund managers and reduce bonds on your business. One faces difficulties in business if they do not use index funds.

Benefits of index funds:

It gives a long term active mutual funds and you beat your competitors with this way. An index fund has documented attributes for several times. This is possible way to choose winning funds and get same returns. With financial statement, you find current state of the economy with few minutes. But historical index data will be accessed by guidance of some experienced person.

It allows you to meet perfect person to take good decision. The main reason of operating index funds is to save a lot of money on investing. In this, there is no active management and professionals managed passively. They give tax efficiency, reduce cost of transaction and more. Before searching this service for your business, you get suggestion from other which helps to find right service provider for your business. So, invest in index funds and beat your competitors every year.

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